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sekiru of dA

ayoo~ just call me senpai ヾ(ω` )/
kouhai staring @ senpai



CNBLUE 7th Single “Truth”

cr: TOWER_Shinjuku, TOWER_SapporoPv, ssd_kichi


oh man I would reblog your fabulous graphic but it’s just so much easier to right click, select ‘save file’, pick a folder, name the file, go to my dashboard, open a new photo post, click ‘upload’, find where I saved the file, select it, wait for it to load, tag it, and repost it gosh darn


my mum likes to play this game called yell from 4 rooms away and get upset when i can’t hear her

new adopt..!! I really like her aa- bids higher than $50 will recieve a coloured sketch! If interested: [LINK]




Kungfu Cooking Girls - 2011 - 9min
Short-film by chinese indie Wolf Smoke animation studio.

If you haven’t seen this animation, see this animation

Everything Wolf Smoke puts out is amazing, their Batman of Shanghai has my favourite take of Catwoman ever. Hope to see big things from these guys in the future.